MOD By Ariana Grande Perfumes

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Ariana Grande’s MOD perfume collection is all about expressing your unique style with a touch of sophistication. Launched in 2022, MOD offers a captivating fragrance experience perfect for the modern woman on the go.

Explore your senses with the captivating scents of MOD Vanilla and MOD Blush. MOD Vanilla is a warm and inviting fragrance that blends the sweetness of vanilla with a touch of dark plum and musky undertones. It’s perfect for those who love a gourmand scent that’s both playful and sophisticated. If you’re looking for something lighter and more floral, MOD Blush offers a delightful mix of pink pepper, bergamot, and rose with a hint of fruity passionfruit. This captivating scent is perfect for daytime wear or a romantic evening out.

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